Triumph TR6

Tadpole Radios specialise in upgrading and restoring original classic and vintage car radios. We provide period radios with all the features and sound quality you would expect from a modern car radio.

We offer two types of classic car radio conversion. A conversion within the original box of the radio - this supplies a new FM / AM tuner and stereo amplifier. The second type of conversion process uses an interface card inside the classic car radio to drive a modern Sony head unit. (View the "Sony Interface" and "Standard Conversion" to understand what each conversion offers)

We stock the largest range of converted classic and vintage radios in the UK. Please click “Here” to check our current stock.

We are also able to convert customer supplied radios, please refer to the FAQ’s for prices. Full cleaning, paint resurfacing and warranty are included.

Latest Technology Releases
Voice Control Tadpole Radios can now use a new combined Bluetooth adapter and USB adapter as part of your radio conversion to provide additional facilities.

When paired with a compatible device such as an Iphone®, iPod®, Android® or Windows® phone, using just a simple twist of the volume control you can speak commands to the radio. Anything from “play Bruce Springsteen” to “call home” to “give me turn by turn directions” is possible! (This functionality is limited to control of the Bluetooth device. It cannot control the radio or USB interface)

Additionally it can reconnect to any of the last eight devices that have been paired. So if you have several phones, or several people use the car carrying different phones, the device will first attempt to reconnect to the last connected device, and if this device is not within range, it will then attempt to reconnect to any of the last eight devices.
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