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Protect your classic and locate to within 10 meters anywhere in the world.
No monthly charge - costs just 12p each time you need to locate you car.

We configure the device and supply a GSM SIM with credit. We even register you with Vodafone.Unlike most tracking solutions, its ready to use out of the box. Simply connect to ground and a 12V feed.

Text or phone the device and it will reply with cars speed, GPS coordinates and link to Google earth map.

Measures 90.00(L) x 45.0(W) x12.0(H) mm
Standby average current: Less than 80mA
  LED: Power, GPS, GSM indicator

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  4 channel @ 180 Watts RMS
High Quality Audi Output with no distortion
Cigarette Box Size ( 33 x  94 x 120mm) (H x W X L)
One Button or Voice Command Control
Bluetooth Hands Free + Music Streaming
Miniature Microphone
Aux In
Stereo FM and AM radio

Voice Command: The Voice Command feature allows the user to
control their compatible Bluetooth device through voice commands. It is
designed to work with Apple Siri®, Google Voice® and Microsoft Cortana®
interfaces. To initiate a Voice Command, push and hold the
pushbutton. Wait for the confirmation tone from the Bluetooth device and then
speak the command. For example you can say things like “call home” or
“play Bruce Springsteen”. Or “Navigate from London to Ipswich”.

Audio Streaming: To start playing music, push and hold the pushbutton for about 1 second. To toggle between pause and play, repeat the above procedure. When the audio is paused, the status LED will blink slowly.
To skip to the next song, quickly press the pushbutton once.

Hands-free Phone: When a phone call comes in, the radio will mute
and ring through. To accept the call, press the pushbutton once. To reject or end a call,  quickly press the pushbutton twice.
During each of the above actions, the optional status LED will blink to
indicate that the action was accepted and sent to the Bluetooth device.
The Bluetooth device can also be controlled using its own menus.

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