Triumph TR6

Tadpole Radios specialise in upgrading and restoring original classic and vintage car radios. We provide period radios with all the features and sound quality you would expect from a modern sound system. All our “Standard” conversions are carried out within the original box of the radio, after first removing all original electronics. Modern electronics are then interfaced to the original controls of the radio.

We stock the largest range of converted classic and vintage radios in the UK. Please click "Here" to check our current stock.

We are also able to convert customer supplied radios, please refer to the FAQ’s for prices. Full cleaning, paint resurfacing and warranty are included.

Standard Conversion Upgraded
We have introduced a major improvement using a more robust power amplifier which can supply more power protection against faults. It can also drive two 2 ohm speakers for vehicles where four speakers are not practical. In this mode, the conversion will drive 2x40W (80W total) into 2 ohm speakers.

The Bluetooth function is also new using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 standard. This takes advantage of all the features available on today's smart phones. The upgrade now includes a 'Voice Assist' feature and the AAC codec for the highest quality sound reproduction.
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