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Sony Interface Conversion FAQ

Q: I already have a classic Radiomobile or Motorola. Can you convert my own radio?

A: Yes we can. To convert a customer owned radio to a Sony interface will be a fixed cost of £456.00 ( £380.00 ), both Plus P+P. Please see Own Radio Sony Inteface Conversion

    P+P is either UK Royal Mail Special Delivery @ £12.00 ( £10.00 )
    or World Wide Royal Mail Signed @ £30.00 ( £25.00 )

Q: Does the price include the Sony head unit?

A: Yes it includes a new CDX-GT33U head Unit. For other Sony head units please contact us for prices.

Q: What other Sony head units can be interfaced to a classic car radio?

A: MEX-BT5700U, MEX-4700U, MEX-BT3700U, MEX-BT2700, MEX-BT2600, MEX-BT3600U, MEX-BT5100, MEX-BT5000, CDX-GT232, CDX-GT230, CDX-DAB6650, CDX-GT300, CDX-GT300S. More information on the Sony head units can be found here

Q: Is this radio suitable for positive and negative earth vehicles?

A: Yes it is. If fitting to a positive earth vehicle the Sony unit needs to be electrically isolated from the positive earth chassis. There is no requirement to isolate the classic car radio.

Q: What Radios have you successfully converted?

A: Radiomobile 1070X, 1070, 1085XT, 1095, 80, 980T. Motorola Mod 114, 22283. Javlin SR-601 and many others. Please ask.

Q: Can you supply speakers?

A: Yes we can. We will work with the customer to source the correct power and speaker dimensions to fit a car.

Q: Do you supply a radio fitting service?

A: No but we work closely with EAB Classics who have fitted many of our radios and are highly recommended

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