Standard Conversion

Tadpole Radios provide modern sound systems for classic cars without affecting the look and character of your car.

Standard Conversion Electronics
Standard Conversion Bluetooth Electronics

Modern car audio equipment is aesthetically incompatible in a classic car. The solution is to purchase a period radio which looks great and in keeping with the cars image and age. Unfortunately the sound quality, functionality and power output is very limited. No FM radio and only 2 watt crackly mono output. 94% of all radio broadcasting is now in FM only.

Classic and Vintage car radios can be converted to a FM Tuner with IPOD connectivity allowing both FM and IPOD to be played in stereo. Bluetooth which provides wireless music streaming and hands free telephone operation is also available as an additional feature. The upgrades are installed within the radios original case.

Existing electronics are removed and replaced with surface mounted electronics. This provides 4 channel output at 45 Watts RMS per channel. An optional charging feature from the radio is also available with an IPOD type connector.

The classic car radio still illuminates when switched on and the dial indicator will move when the tuning knob is turned. You can still set your pre-set pushbuttons the same way you always did, but now they can be set for AM or FM stations. If the radio had an original balance and / or fader control, they will still function. Originality is not compromised.

Radios are original models and cosmetically excellent - concourse standard. They have been professionally converted and bench tested. Each sound system includes a classic car radio; cabling and operator instructions. Installation instructions are available for negative and positive cars.

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